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Students Celebrate Forest Products Industry Week with Hands-On Experience

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Held over three days, Oct. 18-20, high school students from Anaconda, Phillipsburg, Deer Lodge, and Drummond, and members of the Anaconda Jobs Corp, are experiencing first-hand what it is like to be a modern timber harvester, learning about the importance of forest management and Montana’s forest products industry.

The event is being hosted by Sun Mountain Lumber and the Department of Natural Resources (DNRC), Kanduch Logging, KLM Construction and Parke Logging, with the support of the Montana Timber Legacy Foundation and Montana Logging Association.

Each day includes a safety presentation, a guided tour of the Bottleneck Timber Sale or Rancho Deluxe Timber Sale, and the Sun Mountain Lumber Mill in Deer Lodge. Students also participate in forest management and logging discussions where they can ask questions directly of forest management and industry experts.

Timber harvesting is an important forest management tool to maintain healthy forests, preserve wildlife habitat, enhance woodland safety, decrease forest fire risk and fight against climate change. The timber harvesting industry was also instrumental in Montana's settling, establishment, and growth.

Educational opportunities, such as this interactive experience, are opportunities to teach young Montanans about the history of their state and the need for responsible forest management, as well as promote career opportunities in the forest products industry.

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