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The governing body of the Montana Logging Association is the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors supervises, controls and directs the affairs of the Association and its committees and publications. The Board also determines MLA policies, pursues its objectives, and supervises the disbursement of its funds. The Board may adopt rules and regulations for the conduct of its business and may delegate its authority and responsibility to the Executive Committee.


The Board of Directors consists of the Executive Committee and three regular members from each chapter of the Association. Also, past Presidents of the Association are designated as "at-large" members of the Board of Directors.

2023-2025 Chapter Directors

Clark Fork Chapter

Kevin Vaught, Thompson Falls

Zach Anderson, Plains

Deer Lodge Chapter

Forest Wehr, DeerLodge
Seth Beck, Deer Lodge

Matthew Anderson, Deer Lodge

Flathead Chapter

Jason May, Columbia Falls
Corey Cheff, Columbia Falls

Lucas Cummings, Kalispell

Headwaters Chapter

Tyler Myrstol, Clyde Park

Shawn Nicholls, Moore

Brad Bodle, Townsend

Kootenai Chapter

Tom Vranizan, Troy

Justus Covey, Troy

Jared Fitchett, Libby

Missoula Chapter

Russ Reed, Florence

Ben Smith, Missoula

Brett Collins, Sula

The Executive Committee may act in place of the Board of Directors between Board meetings on all matters, except those specifically reserved to the Board by our bylaws. Actions of the Executive Committee are reported to the Board at each ensuing Board meeting.

The Executive Committee consists of seven regular members, including the immediate past President, the President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, two members elected by the Board of Directors, and one member appointed by the President.



President, Karl Kanduch, Philipsburg

Vice President, Kevin Kanduch, Philipsburg

Secretary/Treasurer, Shawn Heyer, Superior

Kevin Donally, Superior

Mike Duffy, Three Forks

Doug Yeager, West Glacier


Immediate Past President, Mike Newton, Eureka

Bill Hanley    76/78 (deceased)


Bill Cuddy   1978/08 (deceased)


Clyde Smith   1980/85 (deceased)


Joe Rickett   1985/87 (deceased)


Bill Free   1987/89 (deceased)


Bill Crismore   1989/91, Libby

Sherm Anderson   1991/93,  Deer Lodge

Lyle Brist   1993/95, Happys Inn


Bart Cooper    1995/97, Boulder

Paul Tisher  1997-99, Libby


Brent Anderson 1999/2001

Rick Smith    2001/03, Kalispell (deceased)


*Charlie Newton    2003/05, Eureka


*Rich Tatarka   2005/07, Bozeman


*Ken Swanstrom   2007/2009, Kalispell

* Dave Cheff   2009/2011, Columbia Falls

* Rex Anderson   2011/2013, Deer Lodge

* Kevin St.Onge   2013/2015, Kalispell

* Dyrk Krueger    2015/2017, Corvallis

* Davy Sheets Jr  2017/2019

* Floyd Quiram 2019/2021


*Active past presidents

Past Presidents

Executive Committee
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