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Safety & loss control services

Safety Services, Programs and Materials

Safety services  

MLA Field Safety Representatives, Safety Rangers, assist members in implementing their industrial safety programs and also provide education and information. The rangers also travel to logging sites to assist members with safety and loss control issues.

Programs and materials for MLA members:


Logger Safety Record Book (tailgate safety book):  

This book is offered to help companies comply with OSHA's logging operation standard 1910.266(i)(11) - "Safety and health meetings." The employer shall hold safety and health meetings as necessary and at least each month for each employee. Safety and health meetings may be conducted individually, in crew meetings, in larger groups, or as part of other staff meetings.

Assessing Reserve Trees:  

This booklet is designed as a set of guidelines to help MLA members make decisions about reserve tree retention and identifying reserve trees in Montana and Idaho.

Rules Relating to Logging and Logging Operations in Montana: 

This is a book of minimum standards for logging departments and logging operations in Montana.

loss control manual: 

This manual is a guide for the development of a written safety program. Contained in the manual:

  • Safety Program

  • Job Training

  • Employee's Responsibilities

  • First Aid / CPR

  • Self Assessment

  • OSHA

  • Safe Operating Procedures

  • Hazard Communication

  • Statement of Policy

  • Emergency Evacuation

  • Physician's Packet

  • Warrant Policies

  • Employer Rights

  • Lockout / Tagout

  • Job Analysis

  • Hearing Conservation

  • Hiring Procedures

  • Exposure Control Plan

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