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  • What does the Montana Logging Association do for loggers?
    The MLA exists to provide Montana's independent logging contractors with ongoing support and a united voice on issues which impact our profession at federal and state levels.
  • Who can qualify for membership?
    There are two main categories of membership in the MLA: Voting and Non-Voting. The Voting membership is for independent logging contractors whose principal residence or place of business is within the state of Montana. Independent logging contractors are defined as self-employed individuals or independent firms engaged in the harvesting and transportation of forest products. Non-voting categories or Associates are for individuals and firms who do not qualify for regular membership but are employed in, provide supplies and services to, or purchase logs or services from independent logging contractors.
  • What are the benefits of MLA membership?
    As a member, you receive strong representation and support for your professional interests. We serve as your advocate and often meet with elected officials, government agencies, organizations, the media and others on your behalf. You also benefit from the industry programs we offer, such as our Accredited Logging Professional program and our Professional Log Hauler program. In addition, you have access to valuable group programs through the MLA that can improve your business, health and safety.
  • How do I join?
    Complete an application and submit your dues. To select the type of membership you want, go to Join MLA.
  • When is your next meeting?
    Our MLA Calendar has a schedule of upcoming meetings and events.
  • How do I find a qualified logger in my area?
    Refer to our Accredited Logging Professional (ALP) list.
  • Can I get health insurance through the MLA?
    Yes. We offer group and individual insurance plans as well as Medicare Supplements, Medicare Part D, Dental and Vision Plans and other ancillary products. We offer plans through BlueCross Blue Shield of Montana, Pacific Source, Assurant, and Humana.
  • What about workers' compensation insurance?
    The MLA offers two choices for workers compensation: The Associated Loggers Exchange is licensed in Montana and policies are offered exclusively through MLA Services, Inc. And The MLA/Montana State Fund The MLA works with the State Fund to offer a comprehensive insurance program that offers safety services from our own safety consultants as well as monthly wage reporting and premium payments.
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