President's Message

Floyd Quiram, MLA President

There seems to be one thing that we can always talk about and everyone has an opinion on but there’s not one of us that can change it and best of all it shouldn’t be a source of being politically incorrect or insensitive… the weather! The Flathead Valley saw record breaking rain fall in June. July has been unseasonably cool so far. I saw a picture of snow at Georgetown Lake in June! I hope that things have dried out enough all around the state to get folks back out in the woods doing what we do best!

The “Safety Saves” article by Southwest Regional Representative, Bryan Lorengo, covers some valuable information about preparing for fire season. It’s difficult to imagine, but the experts have suggested that with heavy fuel loads a dry August could turn into a smokey September.

As we weren’t able to have our Annual Membership meeting in May, the gentlemen that have agreed to be board members didn’t have the opportunity to be properly introduced. I’d like to thank these men for volunteering to participate in the MLA board of directors: Seth Beck, Mark Cheff, Brett Collins and Justus Covey. Welcome to the Board!

Lastly, the primary election season is just getting started. The media advertising from a wide variety of organizations with agendas of their own is almost embarrassing, unfortunately it will get worse in the coming months. I urge you to research candidates in your area, at the state level and national level. The last presidential election was largely impacted by rural America. We need to be knowledgeable; we need to be heard; we need to be engaged; and we need to encourage our friends, family and employees to do the same.

Wishing you good health, happiness and safety as you get to the woods everyday!


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