Mike's Message

Mike Newton, MLA President

I would first like to thank the MLA staff for the work that they do. It is pretty easy to take them for granted. From the first aid classes, to health insurance, to putting on meetings where we all come together and always seem to come away with some sort of knowledge that we didn't have before.

It was sure nice to see everyone's faces, without masks!!! 😀

The cornhole tournament was a blast... Great idea Bryan!

As we all know, Montana is changing faster than any one of us can comprehend. This I'm sure will present some challenges for all of us. My feelings are, if we can get to know some of our new Montanan's, maybe take them on a job visit, and show them what we do and why we do it. Remember we are not just loggers! WE ARE GOOD LOGGERS, and we should be proud of what we do. This is not just a job; it's a profession and we need to remember that.

Last but not least, we have an outstanding lumber market, and I hope we can find a way, most likely as individuals, to make the most of it. As we all know, hard times are coming and we need to be ready. As this spring winds to an end, I pray we all have a safe and prosperous logging season.

God Bless,


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