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Off the Leash

by Hank

As many of you distinguished readers now have finished your search, you have noticed the now defunct “Truck Stop” is no longer gracing the pages of this fine publication. It my short time at the Montana Logging Association, I have certainly come to understand that Mr. Rich T’s somewhat humorous and informative article is a favorite to the readers of this newsletter. I by no way think I will be able to replace this institution as I have some big shoes to fill. But you will notice, I do not wear shoes so this may be easier than first thought.

First things are in order, let me introduce myself. My name is Hank Michael and I started at the Association at the beginning of this year. For full disclosure, I am being currently housed and taken care of by our fearless leader, Coleen Michael. When first brought on to staff, there was some confusion as what my role would be. The Association has the finest staff in the industry and I was slightly intimidated in joining the team. After “chewing” on it for a while, I soon found Human Resources to be my fit. Some will say I know nothing about HR because, well, I am a dog but I have found my niche and am told daily that I am a “good boy.”

As you enter our home base in Kalispell, you can look forward to being greeted by me at the door. Small gluten-based snacks are welcomed but not required. If I bark at you, it is because you have not fully been vetted by security. A small snack or treat will expedite this procedure. The first thing I hope you notice is that I have started a new approach to the office environment. My background of staying calm and relaxed to be productive seemed like a good fit here. You will find me, (leading by example), stretching, napping and laying still on the floor. This has not quite caught on with the rest of the staff, but I am trying daily.

On a more serious note, I would to touch shortly on a topic of concern, accidents in the workplace. Accidents happen to the best of us. Take for instance, you let everyone know of an emergency situation and no one pays attention. The next thing you know, there is a wet spot on the floor and somehow you are the bad guy. In situations like these, I suggest ignoring the situation as nothing happened and go on with life.

I want to thank everyone for welcoming me to the MLA family. In future articles, unless the formal author that had this space gives me a bone and takes this back over, I would like to focus on the real heroes of this industry, the working dogs. Send my Mom, I mean my boss some pictures and your best friend can be featured in the next “Off the Leash’. Until next time….maybe.

Keep the treats comin’ - Hank

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