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Montana Timber Legacy Foundation is on a Mission!

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

The Montana Timber Legacy Foundation remains focused on its mission, outlined in 2014 when the Foundation was established.

Briefly, that mission is to ensure generations of healthy forests for future Montanans through the education and promotion of responsible forest stewardship and to celebrate Montana’s proud timber harvesting heritage.

In addition to its work, the Foundation proudly supports organizations that share its values and mission. Over the past year, it has done just that!


Society of American Foresters

The Society of American Foresters has been working to restore early logging equipment at the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula. This year, the Foundation financially assisted the restoration of this 1918 Holt 75 tractor now on display in the museum.


A.L.E.R.T. Air Ambulance Program

The Foundation is a long-time supporter of Logan Health’s Advanced Life Support and Emergency Rescue Team (A.L.E.R.T.) air ambulance program, a vital life-saving tool for rural communities. The program was established in 1975 and was the second hospital-based

advanced life support helicopter system and the first rural ambulance service in the nation. It transports, on average, 345 patients a year and is always on standby, ready to fly into action.


Montana FFA Ag Expo and Career Fair

Last November, the Montana Timber Legacy Foundation and Montana Logging Association attended the Montana FFA Ag Expo, and Career Fair held at Montana State University – Bozeman. We had the opportunity to visit with high school students and promote career opportunities in the forest products industry. Stop by our booth at this year’s expo and career fair from November 11.


Montana Natural Resources Youth Camp

The Foundation is also a proud supporter of the Montana Natural Resources Youth Camp at the Lubrecht Experimental Forest in Greenough, Montana. The camp is held every July for students ages 14-18, where they learn about the State’s natural resources and how they are managed.

Montana Forest Products Industry Week

In celebration of Montana Forest Products Week (October 15 – 21), Sun Mountain Lumber and the Department of Natural Resources (DNRC), with the support of the Montana Timber Legacy Foundation and Montana Logging Association, will be hosting an event for students to promote, educate, and celebrate Montana’s forest products and the people who work so hard to produce them.

High school students from Anaconda, Phillipsburg, Deer Lodge, and Drummond, and members of the Anaconda Jobs Corp will take a guided tour of the Bottleneck Timber Sale site and the Sun Mountain Lumber mill in Deer Lodge. They will learn where the material to make Montana’s wood products come from, what it is like to be a modern timber harvester, and why managing the State’s forests is essential for the health and safety of Montana.

You can support the Montana Timber Legacy Foundation through a tax-deductible contribution or donate by registering the Timber Heritage license plate the next time you register your vehicle!

Montana Timber Legacy Foundation is a 501(c)3 corporation.

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