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Montana Forest Products Week October 16-22

In celebration of Montana Forestry Products Week, the Montana DNRC in partnership with Sun Mountain Lumber, the Montana Timber Legacy Foundation, the Montana Logging Association and Kanduch Logging and Lorengo Logging will be hosting an event for students and members of the media to promote, educate, and celebrate Montana’s forest products and the people who work so hard to produce them.

Students and faculty from Deer Lodge, Drummond, Phillipsburg and Anaconda and media representatives will take a guided tour of the Bottleneck Timber Sale site and the Sun Mountain Lumber mill in Deer Lodge. They will learn where the material to make Montana’s wood products comes from, what it is like to be a modern timber harvester, and why managing the State’s forests is essential for the health and safety of Montana.

The event will be held on Tuesday, October 18, and Wednesday, October 19. Stay tuned for exciting coverage in local media outlets and MLA’s Facebook and Instagram channels. Be sure to like and share the posts, and help us promote Montana’s logging industry!

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