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Mission to Educate Students About Montana’s Forest Products Industries Continues

On Tuesday, October 24, through Thursday, October 26, Sun Mountain Lumber and the Department of Natural Resources (DNRC), with the support of the Montana Timber Legacy Foundation and Montana Logging Association, will celebrate Montana’s timber harvesting and forest products industries by hosting their annual interactive events for students. The events offer the opportunity to tour an active timber harvesting site and lumber mill and engage with industry and state forestry experts.

High school students from Anaconda, Phillipsburg, Deer Lodge, and Drummond will take a guided tour of an active timber sale site and the Sun Mountain Lumber mill in Deer Lodge. They will learn where the material to make Montana’s wood products comes from, what it is like to be a modern timber harvester, and why managing the State’s forests is essential for the health and safety of Montana.

Each day of the two-day event will feature the same itinerary, including a safety presentation, tours of the timber harvesting site and lumber mill, lunch, and forest management and logging discussion where participants can ask questions directly to forest management and industry experts.

For more information, contact: Seam Steinbach, Sun Mountain Lumber Outreach Forester

These events follow MLA’s participation at the Worlds of Work Career Expo in Great Falls on Tuesday, September 26.

The Montana Logging Association’s booth and outdoor interactive experience at the Career Expo offered students the opportunity to learn what it really takes to become a timber harvester and the career opportunities in Montana’s Timber Harvesting and Forest Products Industries.

The booth featured MLA’s John Deere Logging Equipment Simulator, which puts the controls of a powerful timber processor into your hands and allows you to experience what it is like to fell, de-limb, and buck trees. The outdoor interactive timber harvesting experience featured modern timber harvesting equipment demonstrations that gave students a feel for what it is like to work on an active project site. Students were also given the opportunity to engage with industry experts and gain further insights into the day-to-day life of a timber harvester.

For more information, check out this great media coverage of the event:

Montana FFA Ag Expo Career Fair

If you were not able to attend the Worlds of Work Career Expo and would like to learn more about being a timber harvester and the career opportunities available, visit the Montana Logging Association’s booth at the Montana FFA Ag Expo Career Fair being held at Montana State University – Bozeman on November 17, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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