Covid Prevention

Coronavirus Basic Prevention Measures

COVID-19 coronavirus is a new respiratory illness that can spread from person to person. The following precautions can help prevent virus infection spread on forest jobsites.

Stay home if you show Covid symptoms: fever, cough, short of breath—If sick, call supervisor.

Wash hands frequently; or use alcohol-based hand wipes containing at least 60% alcohol.

Cover coughs and sneezes—catch in your elbow. Avoid touching eyes, nose, mouth with hands.

Deploy social distancing on jobsite — maintain at least 6 feet spacing between each worker.

Reduce size of any group at any one time to under ten (10) people; LIMIT all in-person meetings.

Minimize ride-sharing. Add extra vehicles. In-vehicle, ensure heathy riders, clean practices, good ventilation, and voluntarily use cloth mask worn over mouth & nose

Avoid sharing tools/controls with others, if possible

Clean and wipe-off to disinfect on regular basis—frequently used tools, equipment, and frequently hand-touched surfaces (door handles, machinery controls, handrails, cell phones, switches).

Voluntary use of cloth mask worn over mouth & nose to minimize airborne spread during in-vehicle ride-sharing.

Use proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to clean and disinfect (gloves, eye protection).

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