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As breakup started to slowly shut down business as usual in the woods this spring, everyone started to get excited for their favorite time of the year… First Aid/CPR refresher training! Who would of thought that a virus that we started to hear rumblings about early in the year would not only postpone our spring programs but also put the whole country on hold? Now that several weeks have passed, our state is slowing trying to get back to some sort of normalcy. As you head back to the woods, please protect yourself and your crew from Covid-19 and other communicable illnesses. Some simple steps can be taken to prevent passing an illness along to others. Here are some best practices for preventing the spread of communicable illnesses.

1. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, stay home! Avoid contact with people who are sick whenever possible.

2. Wash your hands. The struggle to do this in the woods is high, but other alternatives are available such as alcohol-based hand wipes containing at least 60% alcohol or hand sanitizing gel.

3. Deploy social distancing on the jobsite — maintain at least 6 feet spacing between each worker. When in vehicles, stay at least 3 feet apart.

4. Avoid sharing tools and equipment. If multiple people need to use tools or equipment, have a plan in place to disinfect between users. Make sure to wipe down all controls and handles.

5. Avoid touching your face and shaking hands.

Hopefully Covid-19 will soon be in our past. Unfortunately, with First Aid/CPR refresher training falling victim to the restrictions on social gathering, Bryan, Jason or I didn’t get to see very many of you this spring.

The online 1st aid & CPR modules that we put together will get us through this year. We realize that the online training is different than listening to our three melodious voices, but it is very well put together program and will be beneficial to the upcoming work season, not to mention yearly training is a requirement by OSHA and a critical part of maintaining your ALP status. One of the things we always hear after an incident is that guys didn’t have to think about what to do because it was second nature because they go to training every spring. Before you head out for the year, tear into your trauma kits and see if they need resupplied or replaced. We have new kits available at the office, just give us a call at 406-752-3168 or stop by.

As a fresh logging season starts, I just want to wish everyone a very safe and prosperous year and as always… $afety $aves.

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