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Working to share with Montanans the importance of timber harvesting in our state’s history & future

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Education is a driving force for the Montana Timber Legacy Foundation and Montana Logging Association.

The Foundation is working to share with Montanans the importance of timber harvesting in our state’s history. Our industry has been responsible for the management of Montana’s forests to maintain healthy forests, preserve wildlife habitat, enhance woodland safety, decrease forest fire risk and fight against climate change.

The Montana Logging Association is working to educate Montanans about career opportunities in the timber harvesting industry and to educate and advance the next generation of timber harvesters.

Both the Foundation and Association support educational opportunities that further these goals.

Upcoming Educational Opportunities:

Montana FFA Ag Expo and Career Fair

November 11, 220

The Montana Timber Legacy Foundation and Montana Logging Association will soon attend the Montana FFA Ag Expo and Career Fair held at Montana State University – Bozeman. The event offers the opportunity to engage high school students and promote career opportunities in the forest products industry. Please stop by our booth at this year’s expo and career fair on November 11 to learn more and pick up our free new stickers!

Accredited Logging Professional Program

Spring 2023

The Montana Logging Association offers its members a robust Accredited Logging Professional Program that fosters personal growth and empowerment, promotes a forest stewardship ethic and provides the continuing education required to be an Accredited Logging Professional (ALP Logger). The program is offered each spring at locations around the state, covering a variety of curriculum.

Recent Educational Opportunities:

Recently, Sun Mountain Lumber, Kanduch Logging, Parke Logging, the Department of Natural Resources (DNRC), with the support of the Montana Timber Legacy Foundation and Montana Logging Association, celebrated Montana Forest Products Industry week by hosting an interactive experience for students to promote, educate, and celebrate Montana’s forestry products and the people who work so hard to produce them.

Held over three days, Oct. 18-20, high school students from Anaconda, Phillipsburg, Deer Lodge, and Drummond, and members of the Anaconda Jobs Corp, took part in the event. Each day included a safety presentation, a guided tour of an active timber harvesting site and the Sun Mountain Lumber mill in Deer Lodge, and a forest management and logging discussion where participants had the opportunity to ask questions directly to forest management and industry experts.

You can support the Montana Timber Legacy Foundation’s educational initiatives through a direct tax-deductible contribution or donate by registering the Timber Heritage license plate the next time you register your vehicle!

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