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Creating a Fire-Adapted Montana

We Montanans are fiercely proud of our state, live on our terms, and we get to work if something needs to be done. So, with wildfires becoming an increasing risk, especially in these times of drought and hot, dry weather conditions, we need to get to work and prepare our communities to defend against this escalating threat.

Montana timber harvesters are doing their part to prepare and protect our forests and communities by working with state agencies to reduce fuel for wildfires and provide the necessary space and tools to help firefighters.

Every Montanan can play an essential role in helping our state mitigate the risks and prepare for and manage fires when they occur. is the go-to resource for information on “Living with Fire.”

The website contains everything Montanans need to know about how to live better with wildfire, including information on:

  • Restrictions – Featuring an interactive map that shows what fire restrictions are being enforced in different state regions and can drill down to the land ownership map level. Montanans should consult this map before lighting campfires, pile burning, and other activities that may start human-caused wildfires.

  • Current Fire InformationThis page features a map showing current wildfires in Montana. It is important to be aware of fires in your area and the regions you travel to within the state.

  • Preparedness – Includes links to information on how to prepare your home for wildfire, tips for evacuating safely, and current air quality forecasts, as well as a link to a valuable guide for wildland fire preparedness.

This comprehensive guide includes information on why fire seasons have gotten worse, how to determine your wildfire risk, ways to prepare your property, wildfire evacuation tips and checklists, how you can help your community become safer and fire-adapted, and more.

Click below to download the guide, and share it with your friends, family, and neighbors!

  • Prevention According to the website, “Humans start as many as 75% of wildfires in Montana. The leading causes of fire are: 1) debris burning, 2) escaped campfires, and 3) lawn/farm equipment.” This page offers advice on how to prevent fires from these activities from occurring.

  • Landscape Includes information to assist forest landowners in managing their property so it is healthy and resilient to wildfire.

There are a lot of great tools and resources, like, available for Montanans to help us to live with fire. It is our responsibility as citizens to educate ourselves, be informed of fire conditions, and do our part to protect the many treasures of the Treasure State.

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