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Founded in 1976, the Montana Logging Association (MLA) provides a unified voice for the family-owned businesses that harvest and transport timber from forest to mill in Montana. On behalf or our members, we interface with public agencies, legislative bodies and media sources. Member benefits include safety services, group insurance programs, and a comprehensive professional accreditation program. Our organization has an unbending commitment to forest stewardship. Logging has deep roots in Montana - it has been a part of our heritage for well over a century - and the MLA is planting the seeds that will ensure the future of this profession we call logging.

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arrowSep 22, 2017 : The Truth About Softwood Lumber Tariffs - Myth vs more (PDF File).
arrowSep 18, 2017 : Kevin Kanduch @ REAL Montana - Philipsburg resident, Kevin Kanduch, just returned from Bozeman as part of REAL Montana (Resource Education and Agriculture Leadership) more (PDF File).
arrowSep 15, 2017 : FFRC Update 9/15/17 - more (PDF File).
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