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By Erica Potts

Health Insurance

While it seems as though the ACA is status quo for now, we do know that open enrollment for 2021 health plans is to begin on November 1, 2020 and ends December 15, 2020. And…

Proposed Rate Filings for 2021 have been filed by the three carriers, MT Health COOP, PacificSource and BCBSMT. We just are not able to access anything to date as the COVID-19 has delayed the process.

We will see final rates from the carriers just prior to Open Enrollment beginning and as information funnels in regarding ACA changes and updates we will keep you informed.

MT State Fund Workers Compensation

As an employer a few reminders…

Extra Territorial Petition

It seems that this time of year policy holders may be heading out of state to work either on a fire or a sale. We want to remind you to keep us informed if you plan to go out of state to work. We (as your agent) need to request on your behalf an Extra Territorial Petition for your policy.

This petition will allow you as an employer to take your employees on a temporary basis to another state to work and most importantly not be required to purchase workers compensation coverage with that state.

If the state you are going to be working in has a reciprocal agreement with Montana, the worker receives the same benefits as if the injury occurred in Montana. Some reciprocal agreements have restrictions for logging or construction.

Reciprocity means that the state has a reciprocity agreement with Montana and workers on temporary assignment in the state are covered. Extraterritorial provisions mean that coverage from the state follows its workers in other states.

When there is no reciprocal agreement, there is no coverage in place. The employer must buy an insurance policy specific to that state. A few states that do not have reciprocal agreements with Montana include Colorado and New Mexico.

For information on State-by-state coverage give me a call.

July 1 Renewal and Rate updates

As we reported at our Zoom meeting in May, the 2020-2021 rates beginning with the July 1 renewals may see a slight increase in rates. The increase is contingent to your mod & scheduled rate factors, and will not apply to renewals prior to July 1st, those policies will see their rate changes at their next renewal. The Logging Class Code 2702 and Log Hauling 2727 are increasing by approximately 4.5 to 6%% for the July 1 renewals, but Trucking and Saw Mill class codes they are decreasing approximately 3 to 6%.

Claim Reporting

First report of Injury, Montana law requires employers to complete a first report of injury form within six days of notice of an on-the-job injury, accident, or Occupational Disease by a worker. Montana State Fund encourages 24-hour turnaround to ensure prompt claim management.

State Fund has made it quick and easy to submit this report online. You may do this at Or if you would rather speak to a representative you may call 1-800-332-6102 Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Online Payments with State Fund

If you have an outstanding balance with Montana State Fund, making payments to them is so easy. A couple options include, calling and paying over the phone to a MSF customer service representatives, they will accept both credit/debit card and bank information for your payments. You can, of course, still pay by mail or on- line at The number to call is 1-800-332-6102.


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