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By Erica Potts

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As we wait to hear from each of the Montana Health Insurance carriers for their 2021 plan and rate information, I think it’s a good time to recap important facts about health insurance.

What’s the Medicare Open Enrollment Period?

October 15th – December 7th

Medicare health and drug plans can make changes each year—things like cost, coverage, and what providers and pharmacies are in their networks. This period of time is when all people with Medicare can change their Medicare health plans and prescription drug coverage for the following year to better meet their needs. Review the material your plan/s send you, like the “Evidence of Coverage” (EOC) and “Annual Notice of Change” (ANOC). If your plans are changing, you should make sure that the changes will still meet your needs for the following year. If you are satisfied that your current plan/s will meet your needs for next year and the plan/s are still being offered, you do not need to do anything, your plan/s will auto renew.

Please feel free to contact me at 406-752-3168 and let me know how I can help you!

Important dates for Individual/Family 2021 enrollment:

November 1, 2021

Open Enrollment starts - first day you can enroll in a 2022 health plan.

December 15, 2021

2021 Open Enrollment ends.

January 1, 2022

First date 2022 coverage can start.

If you do not enroll in a 2022 plan during the “Open Enrollment” period or by December 15, 2021 you will not have another opportunity to enroll unless you qualify for a “Special Enrollment Period”.

Please feel free to contact me at 406-752-3168 if you have any questions regarding the possibility of qualifying for a “Special Enrollment”.

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